In HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi lounge, our dedication is to give everyone delicious food, harmony, relaxation away from the bustle of everyday Tokyo life.
Dubai, London, Shanghai, New York, there are millions of Japanese lounges in all of the world and always crowded with happiness. So why not in Japan?
That is how we started planning, and we finally able to offer HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi in this middle of Japan, Otemachi.
HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi lounge is configured with a different perspective from HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo and HAL YAMASHITA Osaka Umeda. Our values reflect on Otemachi , which is the center of Japan. More people enjoy "Japanese Fusion", combining traditional wine sake and sushi , tempura, with dishes of other cultures.

Our restrant offers "Japanese Fusion" cuisine as a tribute to delicious food, "without the cooking to the limit, to get it like it is".
Without having to change the spirit of HAL YAMASHITA, "Japanese Fusion " creates your desired suggestions combining a high degree of freedom, delivering a new food culture for Tokyo. Our restaurant is open to everyone, we also feel the happiness welcoming new friends. Japanese overseas guests, business is all bought together in an informal gathering with your friends via our HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi lounge .
Enjoy the sounds, the views of our world delivering the true value of "Japanese Fusion".

新和食 ~それは日本で生まれ、世界で感受される おもてなしの料理~




Yamashita Haruyuki (HAL YAMASHITA)

HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo / Osaka Umeda / Otemachi Lounge
NADABAN Kobe Motomachi Owner and Executive Chef


Born in Kobe in 1969 and studied at Osaka University of the Arts Faculty of Arts Degree. Trained in many countries worldwide to observe and learn the secrets of cooking, delivering Cuisine of Yamashita using the perspective - cooking technique, a novel combination in the style of traditional Japanese, "real feel the breath of material", is referred to as the "new Japanese".

  • Opened in Kobe Motomachi 2003 "NADABAN DINING".
  • Opened in Tokyo Midtown in 2007 "HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo".
  • Opened in Tokyo Sky Tree in 2012 "TOP TABLES SKYTREE TOWN".
  • Opened in Hankyu Umeda original store in 2012 "HAL YAMASHITA Osaka Umeda".
  • Opened in Otemachi Tower / OOTEMORI 2013 "HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi Lounge".


  • Start a support activities with a focus on food in young children, "2008 United Nations World Food Programme WFP.
  • In 2010 I became an United Nations World Food Programme WFP Association adviser.
  • Launched a charitable fund raising drive for the affected areas Haruyamashita drinking water "for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,, bringing drinking water towards the victims and affected areas.
  • Business administration lecturer at Kobe University Graduate School of Business faculty.
  • Director of the Board of Cooking Volunteer in 2012, establishing a completely new cooking class a collection of grand chef of Japan in 2013 the "Club des Grands Chefs et Gourmets".

Past events

  • Participated as a representative of Japan master chef in 2010 Singapore World Gourmet Summit.
  • Invited to cooking department of Japan event global hotel group in 2010 of St. Regis Singapore.
  • Elected to the Japanese representative international master chef of 2012 World Gourmet Summit Gourmet Abu Dhabi.
  • Collaboration event with a great master of Sweets Hironobu Tsujiguchi 2012 in Kanazawa.