Assorted seasonal pickles¥580
Homemade monkfish liver with ponzu vinegar¥850
Kinpira lotus root with whitebates¥480
Japanese omlet roll¥680
Japanese omlet roll with conger eel¥980
Pickled Camanbert cheese and tofu¥780
Deep-fried river shrimps¥680

5 assorted oden stew¥880
Sauteed red seabream with Hokkaido Sea urchin sauce¥1280
Sauteed queen pork with ginger sauce flavored with Yuzu¥1380
Signature rolled Kobe-beef filled with fresh sea urchin¥850

Avocado salad with angel prawn and smoked scallop¥1580
Signature big bowl of salad with 36 kinds of ingredients¥1980
Coriander and green leaf salad¥880
Roasted beef salad¥1580
Homemade potato salad with sweet potato¥480
Healthy salad with 20 kinds of ingredients¥980

Chef's special assorted sashimi(1 serving)¥1100
Carpaccio with today's fresh fish¥1280
Rolled red seabream sashimi filled with monkfish liver¥400
Assorted white fish sashimi marinated with kelp¥780

Grilled Norwegian salmon with Saikyo miso and Japanese basil sauce¥980
Tender pork belly with sweet soy sauce¥880
Grilled red seabream head with salt¥780
Grilled salmon belly¥980
Teppanyaki wagyu aitchbone ¥2380

Fried Dish  
Deep-fried tuna cutlet with wasabi¥1280
Assorted seasonal vegetable tempura¥850
Camembert cheese tempura flavored with seaweed¥780
Angel prawn tempura¥390
Chickin wings karaage¥880
Deep-fried oydters with yuzu tartar sauce topped with salmon roe¥980

Hot pot with wagyu tripe¥1080
Yellowtail shabu-shabu with homemade sesame dipping sauce¥1580
Sukiyaki-nabe with wagyu loin and Shimonita-leek¥2480

Rice and Noodles  
Inaniwa-udon noodle¥980
Zao-soba noodle¥980
Chirashi-sushi with seafood / half size¥1780/¥1050
Steamed rice with fresh sea urchin and salmon roe / half size¥2580/¥1380
Rice ball with spicy cod roe¥480
Ochazuke rice with snapper¥1080

Baked monaka wafer with sweet bean paste and shiratama-dumpling¥480
Sweet potato ice cream¥580
Warabi-mochi with black sugar¥480
Rich and creamy green tea chocolate¥350