Asahi SUPER DRY - Draft Beer -Glass¥430
Asahi SUPER DRY - Draft Beer -Medium mug¥480
Asahi SUPER DRY - Draft Beer -Large mug¥680
Asahi SUPER DRY - Draft Beer Green Tea Flavor¥700
Asahi premium Beer 'JUKUSEN'¥580
Asahi Alcohol-free Beer¥490
SAKE from KOBE "NADA"You can choose between hot or cold 180ml / 360ml
Shirayuki Smooth, mellow sake with light peppery spice,herbal notes and a crisp finish¥500 / ¥1,000
Hakutaka Aomatsu It's massively flavorful and sophisticated.¥580 / ¥1,160
Kenbishi Kuromatsu Rich and snappy with a feel that speaks to dark alcohol fans.¥890 / ¥1,680
Fukuju 'MIKAGEGOU' A full bodied, gentle perfume and Super dry finish.¥950 / ¥1,800
Kuromatsu Hakushika Yamadanishiki It's mellow, fresh and versatile.¥950 / ¥1,800
Okuharima Sweet is really thick and dry. This is tasteful.¥1,200 / ¥2,400
FUKUJU DaiginjoGorgeous fruity fragrance ,Taste without hesitation features.¥1,400 / ¥2,800
Kikumasamune 'MIYABI' It's gentle and mature.¥1,450 / ¥2,900
Hakutsuru 'SHO-UNE' Pronounced perfumed sake.Juicy pear and waterfall aromas.¥1,500 / ¥3,000
Local Sake (Jizake) 1合 / 2合
Bon Tsuya Deep flavor and complex with elegant aroma. Well rounded rice flavor in good balance.¥1,300 / ¥2,600
Shimeharizuru Jun Rich and rounded rice flavor.¥1,280 / ¥2,560
Suigei Ginrei Fresh and refreshing aroma with dry taste.¥980 / ¥1,960
Kokuryu Tokugin 50 Clear taste and flavor with the refreshing aroma.¥1,480 / ¥2,960
Aramasa Ecru The flavor is balanced between refreshing acidity and pleasant sweetness.¥1,100 / ¥2,200


Glass ¥1,200 Bottle ¥6,800

With a slight touch of melon and citrus flavors, the result is elegant and refined sake. The Hal Yamashita sake has been exclusivery produced for our restaurant by the SHU-SHIN-KAN brewery. Established in 1751 and located at the NADA district of Kobe, an area which has been acknowledged for centuries for producing the finest sake using only natural ingredients.
The quality of the locally grown Japanese rice combined the pure mineral water flowing down from the Rokko Mountains makes the Hal Yamashita sake something that we take pride in, and we are very excited to offer to our custmers.
The exquisite all around character our sake is made to coordinate with all of the dishes introduced on our menu.
You will be pleasantly surprised when mixing the flavor of this locally produced sake with Hal Yamashita delicious cuisines.

Sparkling Glass / Bottle
Koubo no Awa / Yamanashi Japan¥950 / ¥4,900
h3 Caribou / Shiga Japan¥6,800
Arugabranca Brilhante / Yamanashi Japan¥9,800
Sho-chu Japanese vodkaStraight , On the rocks , with water with hot water , etc.  
Taru (Weat)¥480
Ginreigenkai (Weat)¥680
Enma (Red / Weat)¥680
Hitotsubunomugi (Weat)¥780
Satsuma Tsukasa (Sweet Potato)¥480
Maboroshi no Tsuyu (Sweet Potato)¥680
Tominohozan (Sweet Potato)¥880
Tenshi no Yuwaku (Sweet Potato)¥1,000
Ranpu (Rice)¥480
Toyonagakura (Rice)¥780
Torikai (Rice)¥880
Amami (Brown sugar)¥480
Asahi (Brown sugar)¥780
Beniotome (Sesame)¥680
Ume-shu Japanese plum wineStraight, On the rocks, with water with hot water, etc.  
Plum Wine¥580
WhiskyStraight, On the rocks, with water, etc.  
Chita Highball¥680
Hakushu Highball¥700
Yamazaki Higball¥750
Hibiki Highball¥780
Yuzu Highball¥500
Orange Highball¥600
Ginger Highball¥500
Red wine Glass / Bottle
Argano Fogo / Yamanashi Japan¥700 / ¥3,900
Soif Rouge / Shiga Japan¥5,200
Shindo Funi Shiga 3 / Shiga Japan¥5,800
Hi wa Mata Noboru / Tochigi Japan¥6,800
White wine Glass / Bottle
Arugano Vento / Yamanashi Japan¥700 / ¥3,900
Arugabranca Clareza / Yamanashi Japan¥4,500
Arugabranca Pipa / Yamanashi Japan¥6,800
Cassis Base (Mandarin / Soda / Tonic / Ginger Ale)¥500
Lychee Base (Mandarin / Soda / Tonic / Ginger Ale)¥500
Vodka Base (Mandarin / Soda / Tonic / Ginger Ale)¥500
Shita-Machi Ball (Shochu and Soda)¥500
Shochu and Oolong Tea¥500
Shochu and Green Tea¥500
Yuzu Sour¥500
Orange Sour¥600
Non-Alcohol Cocktails  
HAL Tonic Yuzu¥500
HAL Tonic Daidai¥500
Pear & Ginger ¥500
Peach & Mandarine¥500
100% pure natural fruit juice  
Orange Juice¥500
Pear Juice¥500
Peach Juice¥500
Tea & Water  
Natural Mineral Water 'KOUKASUI' - Still water -¥480
Oku-Aizu Kneyama Sparkling Water¥600
Oolong Tea¥450
Cold-brew Jasmin Tea¥450
Cold-brew Green Tea¥450
Earl Grey Tea¥500
Japanese Green Tea 'YAME Sen-Cha'¥450
Blended Coffee¥480
Iced Coffee¥480
Café Latte¥500
Dry Ginger Ale¥500