Otemachi, next to Tokyo Station is a district full of luxury hotels within easy reach of Ginza and the Imperial Palace.
Our bar, lounge and sushi counter are perfect for your special private party or business celebration.
We offer dedicated party planning for wedding after-parties, birthdays and all anniversaries, from casual to chic.

We can accommodate up to 80 people standing, 50 people seated,
with our recommendations for buffet incorporating plenty of new Japanese cuisine,with warm hospitality.
We work hard to make sure you and your friends relax and enjoy a good time.




Party plan

LUNCH PARTY,Plan A 4,000yen per person
LUNCH PARTY,Plan B 6,000yen per person
LUNCH PARTY,Plan C 8,000yen per person
DINNER PARTY,Plan A 6,500yen per person
DINNER PARTY,Plan B 8,500yen per person
DINNER PARTY,Plan C 11,000yen per person

Drinking Plan for All-you-can-drink

3,000yen per person 3Beer, Red wine, White wine, 3 kinds of Japanese Sake, 2 kinds of Shochu, a variety of soft drink

Champagne Select

Only when you choose all-you-can-drink, you can drink a bottle of champagne for 6000 yen.


CDJ, Projector, 100inch Screen, DVD player, 2 Wireless microphone, 1 Microphone-stand, 1 Wired microphone, 1 VIP private room, 2 Mirror ball

Minimum charge
(conpensation sum in case reserved plan)

Lunch reseved time:
Within 3hours from 11am to 3pm
Suturday, Sunday, National Holiday Lunch 200,000yen
Weekdays Lunch
Dinner served time:
Within 3hours from 17am to 23pm.
Suturday, Sunday, National Holiday Dinner 400,000yen
Weekdays Dinner

※In case your choice plan doesn't reach minimum conpensation charge, you may add optional plan or pay the difference.

Regarding to cancellation

In ebitable case, we receive cancellation of your reservation.
However, the following commission is received by our company regulation.

Cancellation on the day The total amount of applicable minimum charge
Within 3 days before 30% amount of applicable minimum charge
more than 3 days before No cancellation fee

Regarding to cancellation

  • ※We can accommodate up to 80 people standing, 50 people seated, with our recommendations for buffet.
  • ※Please contact us on the reserved party day before a week.
  • ※Since our confectionary is located near our restaurant, also you can order various cakes from a whole to a cut for buffet style.
  • ※All above mentioned include tax.

The application method of charter PARTY reservation

After reservation by telephone, Please send an application form of charter party by fax.

 Click here to download the Party Contract.(PDF) FAX 03.5220.5887

  • ※After telephone reservation (03-5220-5886), please send an application form, filling in confirmation number.
  • ※Please note that your reservation is not booked yet when a confirmation number is blank.
    Cosult us anything for your inquiry by mail. onfirmation.

Click here to contact us.(MAIL)

  • ※please choose a "HAL YAMASHITA Otemachi lounge".
    After receiving your mail, we will call you for the confirmation.